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New ULTRASONIC ENHANCED Pain-free Teeth Whitening provides up to TWO SHADES Whiter Results than Old Technology ‘Salon-Grade’ LED cold-blue-light systems after just 36-minutes

When it comes to teeth whitening, your teeth have THREE basic elements.

  1. The Dentin is the actual ‘tooth-bone’ that gives your teeth their natural white-ivory colour
  2. The Enamel is a clear, ‘glass-like’ protein layer’ that ‘clothes’ the tooth Dentin
  3. The Pellicle is a protective ‘skin’ that covers the Enamel. See More >>

Enamel can be likened to a glass window that we look through to see the natural white-ivory colour of our tooth Dentin below the enamel.

Whenever the Enamel ‘window’ is stained, it veils the natural white-ivory colour of your teeth, and your teeth appear yellow or darker than they naturally would.

Because most teeth staining is deep within the tooth enamel, no amount of surface brushing can remove such staining

Ultrasonically Enhanced Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is the SAFEST way to clean the enamel ‘window’ by whitening the stains locked deeply within the enamel, and within 36-minutes, revealing the natural whiteness of your teeth


Whitening occurs as oxygen molecules from the teeth whitening gel spreads throughout the tooth enamel bleaching the discoloured molecules in your teeth.

This results in a ‘glass-clear’ Enamel ‘window’ revealing the natural whiteness of your Dentin below.

“It’s a bit like window cleaning”


New ULTRASONIC ENHANCED Painfree Teeth Whitening provides up to TWO SHADES Whiter Results than Old Technology ‘Salon-Grade’ LED cold-blue-light systems after just 36-minutes


For the Technically minded:

Toothpaste removes EXTRINSIC stains, being stains on the outside of the tooth enamel.

However, with Beyond Professional Dental light accelerated teeth whitening the whitening gel firstly removes the Pellicle coating from the enamel surface allowing the gel to migrate INTO the enamel.

Enamel is a clear glass-like porous protein crystal formed substance that clothes the tooth’s dentine.

The whitening gel can then soak INTO the exposed ‘pores’ of the enamel.

As the whitening gel migrates INTO the enamel pores it bleaches out INTRINSIC staining particles trapped within the tooth enamel.

Staining particles trapped within the tooth enamel leave a carbon residue which is what makes the enamel look yellow.

This staining mask the view of the natural white/ivory colour of the actual tooth dentin below the enamel.

Simply it is like looking at a beautiful view through a dirty window

We use a low % Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) catalyst activated formula because it gives the best and fastest results.

Our proprietary catalyst POTENTIATES our OSMO teeth whitening gel to be more effective by ‘photo-exciting’ the oxy-action. (Redox)

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a simple bleaching agent that rapidly when aided by Ultrasonic Technology penetrates tooth enamel to unlock, oxidize and decompose stains.

Once ‘spent’ Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) decomposes harmlessly into Water (H2O) and Oxygen (O)

See More…

The result is whiter teeth faster than any other technology, 60% less whitening gel is required meaning its safer for your patients, more profitable for the practitioner and provides a reduced prep and chair time.

Light Activated:

The gel becomes ‘photo-excited’ by the radiance emitted by our powerful professional whitening accelerator devices delivering tailored light 480-520 nanometres in wavelength at a luminance of up to 300,000lx. (The Sun emits 120,000lx at noon on a sunny day)


Ultrasonic Technology:

Ultrasonic technology provides superior whitening results in a shorter treatment time. Safer too because it uses 60% less whitening gel

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